Corbin Treacy



Assistant Professor
Corbin Treacy (PhD, University of Minnesota) specializes in the interplay of aesthetics, history, and politics in Maghrebi literature and film, with a particular focus on contemporary Algerian cultural production. His book, Aesthetics and Aftermath: Algerian Literature and Film in the Twenty-First Century (under contract with Liverpool University Press), describes how twenty-first century Algerian novels and films constellate a set of aesthetic practices to respond to the compounded aftermath of the War for Independence (1954-1962) and the recent civil war (1991-1999). It argues that the recent surge in domestically published novels has bent the arc of Algerian cultural production away from testimony, heroic remembrance, and elegy toward genres that more aggressively imagine an Algeria untroubled by the burdens and responsibilities of aftermath. With Megan MacDonald, he is co-editing a special issue of Expressions maghrébines on the work of Algerian poet, novelist, and journalist Tahar Djaout. Recently, he became the Review Editor for Literary History and Criticism at The French Review.

Research Interests

Maghrebi literature and film
Francophone Postcolonial Studies
Cultural materialism
Memory Studies

Courses Taught

FRE 3244 Intermediate French Conversation
FRT 3520 French Cinema
FRW 4671/5765 Failed Amnesias: Algeria in Literature and Film
FRW 4480/5599 Experiments: The French Novel 1932-1968
FOL 5934 Said Revisited
FRW 5599 France, America, and the Politics of Representation


371 Diffenbaugh
Hours on W 10-12

Selected Publications

Aesthetics and Aftermath: Algerian Literature and Film in the Twenty-First Century. Liverpool: Liverpool UP (forthcoming in 2019).

Co-editor (with Megan MacDonald). “Tahar Djaout, 25 ans après,” Expressions maghrébines 17:1 (forthcoming in 2018).

“Writing in the Aftermath: la génération ’88,” Algeria and the Transnational: Culture and Nation 1988-2013. Ed. Patrick Crowley. Liverpool: Liverpool UP (forthcoming in 2017).

“Memory in the Aftermath: Maïssa Bey’s Entendez-vous dans les montagnes…,” Fictions de la guerre d’Algérie. Eds. Maya Boutaghou and Anne Donadey. Paris: Classiques Garnier (forthcoming in 2017).

“L’effet Barzakh,” Contemporary French & Francophone Studies 20:2 (2016): 76-83.

“The German Moudjahid and the Danish Prince: Boualem Sansal’s Le village de l’Allemand,” French Forum 40:1 (2015): 123-37.

“Contested Cartographies: Maïssa Bey’s Bleu, blanc, vert,” The Journal of North African Studies 18:3 (2013): 402-15.

“The Failure of Utility: Redefining French Studies in the Twenty-First Century,” Special issue of The French Review: “Le français a-t-il un avenir aux États-Unis?” 86:6 (2013): 1210-14.

“Nomadic Elocution: Transnational Discourse in Abdourahman Waberi’s Transit,” Research in African Literatures 43:2 (2012): 63-76.

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