Graduate Studies

Welcome to Graduate Studies in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at FSU. We offer comprehensive and high-quality MA and PhD programs in several languages. MA programs are offered in Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Slavic; PhD degrees are offered in Spanish and French. Within the Spanish program, we also offer a PhD in Second Language Acquisition. Our diverse and well-trained faculty members strive to be both renowned specialists in their field and to contribute to an intellectually stimulating interdisciplinary and cross-cultural atmosphere in the department. Faculty members are actively involved in all aspects of graduate studies, including advising, mentoring, and providing support through recommendations, nominations, and job placement assistance.

Please note: for further program-specific information and program-specific requirements for admission, please click on the appropriate icon.

French: MA, PhD
German: MA
Italian: MA
Slavic: MA
Spanish: MA, PhD

How to apply

To submit an application for admission to one of our graduate programs, please read the information below and then go to the following website, where all necessary documents can be uploaded and submitted online:

Modern Languages and Linguistics Graduate Application Checklist

For more information on the University application, see also:

Online Graduate Application for FSU

When you apply to a graduate program it is necessary that we receive the following items before your application will be considered complete and forwarded for review, evaluation, and recommendation by the faculty of the program to which you are applying:

  • Modern Languages and Linguistics Graduate Application Form (PDF under submission link)
  • Florida State University Graduate Application
  • Statement of purpose (in English) indicating your background, areas of academic interest and/or teaching experience, and why you are applying for that particular language program.
  • Writing sample written in the target language of the program for which you are applying (see below further requirements for appropriate graduate program)
  • Three (3) letters of recommendation. You should request these letters from persons in a position to comment on the quality of your academic work, academic record, to evaluate your potential for doing successful graduate work, and if you are applying for a teaching assistantship, address your qualifications to hold such a position.
  • GRE scores. Verbal and Quantitative scores are required of all applicants, including international students, for admission to graduate studies as well as for teaching assistantships, scholarships or fellowships. For information about registering and taking the GRE, please visit their website ( Average Verbal Reasoning scores for applicants we have accepted in the last five years have been around 155 on the new score scale. However, please note that the GRE score is one element of your application and the program views the entire file holistically in making a determination of admission.
  • GPA of 3.0 (on a 4-point system) or higher as an upper division student.
  • TOEFL scores (only for international students whose native language is not English: see paragraph below*).
  • Two (2) Hardcopies of transcripts from all colleges/universities which you have attended and/or from which you received a degree (one copy for Graduate Admissions and one copy for the department).


  • All foreign nationals must be processed through the International Admissions Office, FSU, A2500 University Center (phone: 850.644.6200), and must apply at least six (6) months prior to the first day of classes of the semester they wish to attend.
  • Students from abroad, when accepted, must apply for a US visa as student. After admission, you will be contacted by a staff member of FSU's Center for Global Engagement who will take you through the procedures for visa application (see also
  • Foreign nationals from non‑Anglophone countries and/or whose native language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). There is a requirement of a minimum score of 550 on paper-based test or 80 on the internet-based test.
  • Please note: if you are a non-native speaker of English, in order to be eligible for employment, Florida State University requires you to have a minimum of 23 points on the IB TOEFL Speaking Section. If you score is below 23, or if you did not provide TOEFL scores for admission because you had equivalent experience verifying your English proficiency (such as a previous degree from a US university), you must take the SPEAK test (Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit) administered by FSU's Center for Intensive English Studies ( and score a minimum of 45 in order to be eligible for employment.

For further program-specific requirements for admission, please click also on the appropriate language icon above.

Financial Aid

Please note that all applicants to our programs are automatically considered for a TA-ship that includes a stipend and a partial tuition waiver. TAs normally teach three classes a year (four "hybrid" classes in the Spanish program). Teaching assistantships are available for up to two years for students preparing the MA and for a minimum of three years for students pursuing a PhD. For more information about financial aid, including Teaching Assistantships, current stipend and waiver amounts, as well as additional graduate school fellowships, grants, and awards, please click the "Financial Aid" link on the left hand side or see the "General Section: #7 Funding" of the Graduate Studies Handbook (see below).


The Department will begin reviewing applications for admission and TA-ship starting January 15 of each academic year. Applications submitted by the deadline will be prioritized for financial aid purposes. Please note that the Department normally does not grant spring semester admissions.

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