Spotlight On: Lyndssey James

Lyndssey James is the Undergraduate Coordinator/Advisor for the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics
(Courtesy Photo)

Meet your advisor, Lyndssey James! Lyndssey helps every student in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics reach their academic goals and work toward graduation. She was recently recognized as a 2020 recipient of the Division of Academic Affairs Exemplary Service Award in the category of Student Services. We sat down with her to find out more about how she got to FSU and what she does day-to-day in MLL Advising.

Lyndssey’s undergraduate degree was in mathematics, but she worked at an undergraduate study center and that brought her into the world of higher education. She wanted to keep working with students to help them achieve their goals, and when she moved to Tallahassee this job was the perfect fit.

Advising students in language programs brings unique challenges. “The initial placement of a student in a language program is typically the hardest part of the process. Some students may come in with high school credit, test credit, or dual enrollment credit. Variable levels of prior experience transfer differently to FSU’s levels of language instruction depending on the type and source of education. Beginning a language at the appropriate level is highly important to a student’s success in our programs, whether they are fulfilling a general requirement or pursuing a foreign language major or minor.”

On her favorite part of the job: “I love being able to learn from you all and help you reach your goals. I also love problem solving, and there is always something to figure out when nuanced situations arise that may require a bit more work. Working with you and with the faculty to help you move on to graduate school and future job opportunities is very fulfilling.”

We also asked Lyndssey what new things are in development for MLL: “The Open House event we started last year gave us an opportunity to see students from across campus and show them everything that is housed in the department. It allowed students to explore all of the languages we offer as well as specialized tracks such as the business major and co-major options.”

Before visiting the office, she encourages students to look at the Academic Program Guide, specifically the academic maps that are available for each of MLL’s programs. While these maps assume that you do not have any incoming college credit/language experience, they are a good starting point for most students. The Degree Progress Tool helps students plan out a bit farther and integrate plans for second majors or course work in other academic programs. The Graduation Check is the most important step for students approaching their final semester as that review identifies any requirements remaining before graduation.

Of course, coming to Lyndssey’s office is the best way to get personalized help: “Every advisor here on campus is here to help you reach your personal goals and develop plans to get there. FSU offers so many great resources that students may not always tap into while they’re here, but I highly encourage exploring all of the help available at the Career Center, ACE Learning Center, and elsewhere on campus. If you come into the office and ask for what you need we can always route you to the right place, so don’t be afraid to come in and ask those questions!”

If you have a question to ask, a problem to solve or a goal to reach, you can set up an advising appointment with Lyndssey on Zoom. And if you run into her on campus, be sure to say hello!