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Mailing Address:

Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics 

Florida State University 
625 University Way 
PO Box 3061540 
Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1540

Telephone Numbers:

  • Main Office: (850) 644-3727
  • Fax: (850) 644-0524
For a listing of faculty offices, telephones and e-mail addresses, go to  Faculty List.   For faculty office hours, go to Faculty office hours

Department Chair:

Dr. Reinier Leushuis
DIF 362
(850) 644-3727

Office Hours

Finance & Admin Operations Manager:

Jeannine Spears
DIF 362F
(850) 644-3881

Administrative Associate, Human Resources

Jennifer Morton
DIF 362C
(850) 644-2374

Administrative Assistant, Travel & Purchasing:

DIF 362
(850) 644-3727

Undergraduate Advisor:

Lyndssey James
DIF 364
(850) 644-2606

Please send your questions about language courses, majors, and minors for any language to this address:

Graduate Coordinator:

Wendy Pigott 
DIF 362B
(850) 644-8397

Ms. Pigott can answer questions about graduate matters for any language.

Associate Chair, Graduate Studies:

Dr. Keith Howard
DIF 304
(850) 644-8185

Dr. Howard can answer queries regarding Graduate Programs. You can check the office hours here.

Associate Chair, Undergraduate Studies:

Dr. Gretchen Sunderman
DIF 324

Dr. Sunderman can answer queries regarding Undergraduate Programs . You can check the office hours here.

Administrator, Winthrop-King Institute for Contemporary French and Francophone Studies:

Racha Sattati
DIF 440

Spanish T.A. Offices:

DIF 356
(850) 644-5349

French T.A. Offices:

DIF 137
(850) 644-5735

Chinese, Italian, & Japanese T.A. Offices:

DIF 009A
(850) 645-9540

German & Russian T.A. Offices:

DIF 105

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