Gretchen Sunderman



Associate Professor
Dr. Sunderman is an Associate Professor of Spanish. She is also the Coordinator for the division of Spanish and Portuguese and the Linguistics Advisor in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics.

Research Interest

The bilingual lexicon
Psycholinguistic approaches to Second language Acquisition
Inhibitory control in bilingual production
Individual difference in language processing

Courses Taught

Introduction to Linguistics
Second Language Acquisition
Child Language Acquisition

Selected Publications

  • Sunderman, G. & Priya, K. (Forthcoming). Translation recognition in highly proficient Hindi-English bilinguals:  The influence of different scripts but connectable phonologies.  Language and Cognitive Processes.
  •  Linck, J., Schwieter, J. & Sunderman, G. (Forthcoming).  Inhibitory control predicts language switching performance in trilingual speech production. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition.
  • Sunderman, G. (2011). False Memories in Second Language Learners. In K. McDonough & P. Trofimovich (Eds.) Insights from psycholinguistics: Applying priming research to L2 learning and teaching, pp. 219-237. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Linck, J, Kroll, J.F. & Sunderman, G. (2009). Losing access to the native language while immersed in a second language: Evidence for the role of inhibition in second language learning. Psychological Science, 20, 1507-1515.
  • Sunderman, G. & Kroll, J.F. (2009). When study abroad experience fails to deliver: The internal resources threshold effect. Applied Psycholinguistics, 30, 1-21.
  • Sunderman G. and Kroll, J.F. (2006). First language activation during second language lexical processing: An investigation of lexical form, meaning, and grammatical class. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 28, 387-422. 
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