Irina Anisimova



Postdoctoral Scholar
Irina Anisimova grew up in Saratov Russia and studied American literature and English at Saratov State University. In April 2015, she received her PhD in Russian Literature from the University of Pittsburgh. Her dissertation is titled “Heterotopia in Contemporary Russian Fiction”; it analyzes contemporary Russian culture. She also received a PhD in Comparative Literature (with the emphasis on African American literature) from the University of South Carolina.

She is currently working on a monograph provisionally titled: “Power and Subversion in Literature under Putin.” She has published in such journals as The Comparatist, Canadian Slavonic Papers, and Slavic and East European Journal. She is a regular contributor to the online journal Kinokultura, dedicated to post-Soviet cinema.

Research Interest

Contemporary Russian culture and politics, postmodernism, and post-colonial

Courses Taught

Russian Culture and Civilization
Slavic Vampire
Fourth-Year Russian: “Russian Media, Politics, and Popular Culture” 
Sci-Fi East and West
Contemporary Russian Culture and Politics
Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema
Fourth-Year Russian: “Master and Margarita: Text and Context”

Selected Publications

  • “‘E’ is for Empire: Empire and Post-Modernism in the Context of the Sochi Olympic Games.” Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema [forthcoming in issue 12.2, March 2018]. 
  • “Post-Soviet ‘Orient’ in Stories by Vladimir Makanin and Liudmila Petrushevskaia.” Canadian Slavonic Papers 59.1-2 (2017): 1-19.
  • “Nikita Mikhalkov’s Burnt by the Sun.” Routledge Encyclopedia of Film (length: 2,000 words). 2014. 
  • “From Consumption to Objectification in Viktor Pelevin’s ‘Akiko’.” Studies in Slavic Cultures X (2012): 60-74.
  • “Terrors of History: Revolutionary Gothic in ‘Mother Earth’ by Boris Pilniak.” Slavic and East European Journal 55.3 (2011): 376-95.