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Dr. Marie-France Prosper earned her PhD at Florida State University (dissertation entitled “Les figures maternelles dans l’oeuvre de Gisèle Pineau: Maternité et Identité”) and an MA in International Relations from the Université de Haute-Bretagne, France. Her interests include Francophone literature, in particular, women’s literature in the Francophone Caribbean.

Dr. Prosper has extensive teaching experience in England, France, Germany and the United States, at all levels, and has been teaching upper-level undergraduate classes in the French language, culture and literature at FSU for many years. As a native of France, she is able to share with her students a wealth of experience about France, its culture, and its ever-evolving language.

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Courses Taught

Contemporary France (FRE 3501)
French Phonetics (FRE 3780)
Advanced Conversation (FRE 4410)
Survey of French Literature (FRW 3100)
Commercial French (FRE 3440)
Intermediate Conversation (FRE 3244)
French Grammar and Composition (FRE 3420, FRE 3421)
Reading and Conversation (FRE 2220)
Graduate Reading Knowledge (FRE 5060, FRE 5069)


Rm. 331, Diffenbaugh

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