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Eric Feely, Middle Eastern Studies Major Among Five FSU Students Awarded Prestigious Foreign Language Scholarships

Eric Feely, a Middle Eastern studies major in MLL, earned a Boren Award, which he will use to study Arabic language and culture.

Nerea Delgado has won a Sigma Delta Pi Graduate Research Grant

Nerea Delgado has won a Sigma Delta Pi Graduate Research Grant to support her dissertation research this summer.
This award was granted to only 1 graduate students nationwide. Congratulations Nerea!


Attention: Fritz Breithaupt - Recorded Lecture

Attention: Fritz Breithaupt
"The Dark Sides of Empathy" (2019)


Recorded Lecture - Friday, March 26 4:00-5:30PM


New majors in Linguistics in Fall 2021 (pending approval)

We are excited to announce that we anticipate starting a B.A. and a B.S. in Linguistics in Fall 2021 (pending approval)! The linguistics degree will consist of 18 credit hours in required core courses (corresponding to six courses) and 12 credit hours in electives. The electives allow students to choose between two different majors in linguistics: (i) a General Linguistics major and (ii) a Linguistics and Languages major. Students can get a B.A. or B.S.

First Annual MLL Alumni Open House

The First Annual Modern Languages & Linguistics Alumni Open House, organized by Cathy Barrios of the FSU Career Center, took place on Zoom on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

Spotlight on Lauren Boylan

Interview with Ms. Lauren Boylan.

Meet Jonathan DaSo

Meet Jonathan DaSo, the library liaison for the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics. He received his undergraduate degree in Spanish with a minor in Chinese language and literature, then pursued a master's degree in library science, which led to his appointment as the MLL librarian.

Spotlight On: Rawan Abhari

Meet Rawan Abhari, an outstanding student in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics! Rawan is a current sophomore studying Economics and Middle Eastern Studies.