B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies

Administered by the Middle East Center

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Description of Major

The participating departments (Anthropology, Classics, Economics, English, History, Modern Languages, Music, Religion, and Urban and Regional Planning) offer an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Middle Eastern Studies designated for:

  1. general liberal arts students who wish to learn more about the Middle East;
  2. students who wish to pursue graduate work in this field; and
  3. students who seek employment in or relating to the Middle East.

The major will be administered by the Middle East Center, a new venture at Florida State University. A degree in Middle Eastern Studies responds directly to a national as well as a regional demand for resources and information to educate students, professionals, and the surrounding community about this important region of the world.

Prerequisite Coursework for B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies

There is no prerequisite coursework for the major, but students are encouraged to take lower level introductory courses in some of the related disciplines. Such courses serve as background for the major and may meet prerequisites for more advanced courses in the major. Students are encouraged to begin study in Arabic or Hebrew earlier, and to take any culture and history courses that relate to the Middle East.

Contact Information

Dr. Zeina Schlenoff


phone: 644-3012

Office: 342 Diffenbaugh

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