Reinier Leushuis


French, Italian

Associate Professor
Associate Department Chair for Graduate Studies

Professor Reinier Leushuis (MA in French, MA in Italian, Utrecht University 1993; PhD in Romance Languages - French & Italian, Princeton University 2000) specializes in French and Italian Renaissance literature, with a particular focus on the love dialogue, literature on marriage, gender studies, and literature and spirituality. He is also the Book Review editor of the journal Erasmus Studies (Brill) and serves as the department's Associate Chair for Graduate Studies.

Research Interest

Early modern dialogue
Literature on marriage and friendship in the Renaissance
Franco-Italian literary connections in the sixteenth century
The works of Erasmus
Literature and spirituality
Gender studies

Courses Taught

Gender and Genre in French Renaissance Literature (FRW 4400 / FRW 5586)
Montaigne, Pascal, Descartes: Self, Reason, and the Passions in French Culture and Literature of the Late Renaissance and Early Classicism (FRW 4400 / FRW 5586)
French Seventeenth-Century Literature: Le Grand Siècle (FRW 4433 / FRW 5587)
Italian Renaissance Literature : Letteratura umanistica e cortese (ITW 4400 / ITW5415)
French Cinema (FRT 3520)
Literature and Sexuality (FOW 3240 / FRE 4930 / FOL 5934)
History, Fiction, and Memory in Post-war European Cinema (FRE 4930 / FOL 5934)
Intermediate-level grammar, composition, and conversation courses (French, Italian)

Selected Publications

  • "Antonio Brucioli and the Italian Reception of Erasmus: the Praise of Folly in Dialogue", in The Reception of Erasmus in the Early Modern Period, ed. Karl Enenkel (Leiden: Brill, 2013), 237-260.
  • "Speaking with the Dead: Spirituality, Mourning, and Memory in the Dialogue en forme de vision nocturne and La Navire", in A Companion to Marguerite de Navarre, eds. Gary Ferguson and Mary McKinley (Leiden: Brill, 2013), 161-210.
  • "Col publicamento del matrimonio sgannar ciascuno: Marriage and Betrothal in Bandello's Novelle", in Marriage in Premodern Europe: Italy and Beyond, ed. Jacqueline Murray (Toronto: Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies, 2012), 307-331.
  • "La Châtelaine de Vergy comme histoire tragique matrimoniale : de Marguerite de Navarre (1558) à Bandello (1573) et Le sixiesme tome des histoires tragiques (1582)", Renaissance et Réforme / Renaissance and Reformation 32 (2-2009) : 5-31.
  • "Amor ordinem nescit: Order and Disorder in Montaigne's «Sur des vers de Virgile»", Montaigne Studies 21 (1/2-2009): 191-208.
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