Courses for Summer 2022


LIN 3041: Introduction to Linguistics I (summer A) This course examines what is language and introduces phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and sociolinguistics. (Sunderman)

SPN 4780: Spanish Phonetics (summer B) This course involves training in the production of acceptable speech sounds in Spanish and a knowledge of when to use those sounds (allophonic distribution). The class meets both in the classroom and in the language laboratory. The nonnative speaker can profit most from this course. (Muntendam)

GEW 5595r/GEW4591r: Language and Gender (summer A) Any behavior in language studies is always situated in certain contexts and cannot be regarded as isolated events. In opposition to sex as a category that defines men and women biologically, gender is a social category in language studies; we negotiate gender through interaction. “Doing gender” is undertaken by men and women and is studied through psychological, cultural, and social differences. Societal norms and evaluations as well as power structures in society have an impact on language use. How is language socialized? Is there such a thing as ‘women’s and men’s style’? And how do genders act and are conceived across languages and cultures? Does gender manifest differently in German as opposed to English or Spanish? This course will study gender as a variable in language as an interlingual and intralingual approach.

Please note that there may be additional courses offered in other departments that count towards the Linguistics minor and/or major. If you have any questions, please contact the Coordinator and Advisor for Linguistics Dr. Antje Muntendam (


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