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Algeria - Bahrain - Egypt - Iraq - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - UAE - Mauritania - Oman
Algeria - Bahrain - Egypt - Iraq - Kuwait - Lebanon - Libya - UAE - Mauritania - Oman


The Middle East Center of FSU (MEC)

With 14 professors, the MEC is committed to providing FSU with education on the Middle East.
For more information, visit:

Student Organizations

arab student union

This organization connects Arab students at FSU with each other to form a community where they meet other people with similar experiences and backgrounds in order to elevate their sense of belonging here

arabic honor society

The Arabic Honor Society is a student organization that aims to recognize students who have maintained excellent academic performance studying the Arabic language, its culture, and people at Florida State University. It promotes excellent scholarship and creates a safe space where students can exchange ideas, thoughts, and achievements regarding the Arabic language in particular and the Middle East in general.

lebanese social organization

LSO is an organization that brings together Lebanese students at Florida State University, their friends and families. It aims to increase awareness of Lebanese culture, customs, traditions, history and language.

Helpful Resources


Middle Eastern Studies at Strozier Library

Language Resources

Middle Eastern Films Available from Strozier

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