Undergraduate Programs - French

The French Program at the Florida State University gives students a thorough grounding in the French language with courses ranging from basic French to advanced conversation and composition. The Division also provides an excellent introduction to the literature, culture and civilization of France and Francophone countries. There are courses on every major period from the Middle Ages to the present as well as on a variety of specialized cultural topics concerning France and the Francophone world.

Language Requirement and Placement Examinations



  • Students in the French co-major may take one single course taught in English with written work done in English to satisfy the requirements of the French part of the co-major.


  • Twelve (12) semester hours in French courses numbered above 1999 are required for the minor. However, if FRE 2220┬áis used to meet the foreign language requirement, it may not be counted toward the minor. A minimum grade of C- must be earned for all courses taken for the minor.

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