Brianna Flowers (MA, 2020)

Ryan Rogers (MA, 2020)

Steven Helock (MA 2019)

Jacob Salas (MA, 2019)

Taylor Fisk (MA, 2018)

Katja Meyer (MA, 2018)

Sarah Tremper (MA, 2018)

Svea Klaus (MA, 2017)

Courtney Hickey (MA, 2017)

Benjamin Rangel (MA, 2017)

Charles David Latiff (MA, 2016)

Arianne Howard (MA, 2016)

Kerstin Hoebink (MA, 2016)

Jonathan Bruner (MA, 2016)

Will Weihe (MA, 2016)

Aleksandra Benedikt (MA, 2015)

Post-MA: Aleksandra Benedikt is continuing her studies at Florida State University in the Russian and Slavic Studies Program.

Matthew Childs (MA, 2015)

Thesis: "An Analysis of Light Metaphors in Goethe's Faust"

Post-MA: Matthew Childs is attending the University of Washington in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Germanics.

Sandra Digruber (MA, 2015)

Thesis: "A New Perspective on Post-Migration German Identity"

Post-Ma: Sandra Digruber is attending Georgetown University in pursuit of a Ph.D. in German.

Luke Rylander (MA, 2015)

Thesis: "Abjection and Adoption in Lessing, Kleist, and Kafka"

Post-MA: Luke Rylander is attending Indiana University at Bloomington in pursuit of a Ph.D. in German Studies.

Sarah Grootz (MA, 2014)

Monica West (MA, 2014)

Andrew Cole (MA, 2013)

Tom Carney (MA, 2013)

David Kent (MA, 2012)

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