Maura Binkley Scholarship


Maura Binkley

"It can be really scary at first knowing that you are going to spend a semester far away from home in a place with all new people and a different language, but in the end, the experience is so rewarding and makes the world seem so small…. Yes, there are times where you get lost or get confused in situations due to cultural differences, but times like those turn into big teaching moments and make you grow a lot. I’ve learned more and made so many more valuable friendships than I ever thought I would in just four months.” Maura Binkley interviewed in A Summer to Remember: FSU Students Travel the Globe, Hone Research Skills, 08/03/2018



Maura Binkley was guided by an interest in using her German language and culture skills to improve the lives of others. In summer 2018, she studied for a semester at Wuppertal University. This study-abroad period offered her a rewarding academic experience and a unique opportunity to explore Germany and Europe. Back on campus and close to her BA graduation, Maura was considering additional fellowships to explore her career interests in diplomacy and governance in Germany.

The Maura Binkley Scholarship seeks to award current FSU students who share Maura’s ambition, critical inquiry, resourcefulness, cultural openness, and cosmopolitan spirit. The scholarship enables recipients to spend a semester on the Bergische Universität Wuppertal – FSU Exchange immersing themselves in the German language and culture.

The scholarship provides financial support for: dormitory rent for the entire period (sponsored by Wuppertal University); travel costs and everyday expenses (up to 1,500 USD, by reimbursement). Students may use their financial aid while abroad.

The scholarship was created by the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics and with support from the Office of National Fellowships, the Office of the President, and the John and Ursula Simons foundation.



Students from all fields are eligible for the Maura Binkley scholarship. Successful candidates demonstrate academic excellence and a background in studying German (at least the successful completion of German 2220 or the equivalent proficiency and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0). They have an established interest in critical inquiry, creativity, cultural openness and an appreciation for the “cosmopolitan spirit” related to German lifestyle, culture and language.



*Letter of intent (300 - 500 words in English) that addresses the candidate’s established interest in critical inquiry, creativity, cultural openness and his/her appreciation for the “cosmopolitan spirit” related to German lifestyle, culture and language.
*Unofficial transcript.
*Curriculum Vitae.
*One letter of recommendation from an FSU faculty member (adjunct to full professor).


Upon receiving the scholarship, winners will immediately contact the Center of Global Engagement (“The Globe”) and start the direct exchange procedure. Please contact Leigh Ann Bauer (

For credit transfers in German language and German Studies at all levels, please contact Dr. A. Dana Weber to fill out the Course Approval Form. For credit transfers in other fields, please contact faculty in the respective fields.

Upon receiving the scholarship, winners will also immediately write a letter of thanks and submit it to the FSU foundation through Ms. Jeannine Spears ( The scholarship will be disbursed as a refund: please submit your flight ticket to Ms. Jeannine Spears asap.


Application deadline: January 31. Please submit all application materials as attachments in ONE email addressed to Dr. A. Dana Weber ( and Mr. Jesse Weiland ( The letter of recommendation will be submitted in a separate email by the recommenders directly to Dr. A. Dana Weber and Mr. Jesse Weiland by the same deadline.

Winners will be notified by the beginning of Spring Semester and must start the direct exchange process immediately.  Winners must also submit the thank you letter asap to Jeannine Spears.

[CGE deadline for all FSU direct exchanges in summer: February 1.]

For more information, please contact:

Office of National Fellowships: Mr. Jesse Weiland; Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics: Dr. A. Dana Weber.

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