Adjunct Faculty

Tazumi Scearce received her Ed.D. in International Multi-Culture Education from University of San Francisco. Her doctoral dissertation, “Quality Control Circles: The relationship between successful adaptation and culture in Japan,” focuses on the rapid quality improvement of products in postwar Japan and how W. Edwards Deming’s total quality management suits Japanese business organizations.

She earned her MA in Linguistics from San Jose State University, where she started teaching Japanese.  She has taught Japanese language and culture courses at state universities and community colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She designed and developed the curriculum and SLO for the Japanese-language program. She created Japanese supplemental material for the program since 2000s and published “Step and Solution for Learn Japanese” in 2012. She also presented “Nature of Japanese language: Lost in Translation” for the Northern California Japanese Teachers’ Association and “Strategy to teach giving and receiving expressions in Japanese” for Foreign Language Association of Northern California.

She was a technical translator for Hitachi Instruments, Inc. specializing in medical equipment including chromatography. She loves sports and was an intercollegiate volleyball coach in Japan. She has experiences of Kendo, Naginata, and Kyudo, a Japanese archery. Last year she received a shodan, the first degree of black belt, in Kyudo.

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