Major Programs

Japanese Major Requirements

The major in Japanese Language and Culture requires 30 semester hours numbered above JPN2220 including a minimum of six semester hours at the 4000-level. A maximum of nine semester hours in Japanese culture and literature can count toward the thirty semester hour requirement. A minor is also required.

Other major options include: Japanese with a concentration in business or a Japanese co-major with Chinese.

Major requirement check sheets can be obtained from the undergraduate advisor in DIF 364.

Major Courses in Japanese Language
JPN 1120 Elementary Japanese I (4cr) None
JPN 1121 Elementary Japanese II (4cr) JPN 1120
JPN 2220 Intermediate Reading & Conv. (4cr) JPN 1121
JPN 2300 Review Grammar and Syntax (4cr) JPN 2220
JPN 3301 Kanji Drill I (1 cr) None
JPN 3302 Kanji Drill II (1 cr) JPN 3301 OR JPN 2300
JPN 3202 Readings in Short Stories and Essays (3cr) JPN 2300
JPN 3240 Conversational Japanese (3 cr) JPN 2300
JPN 3440 Business Japanese I (3cr) JPN 2220
JPN 3441 Business Japanese II (3 cr) JPN 3440
JPN 4130 Reading Modern Japanese Literature (3cr) JPN 3202
JPN 4412 Advanced Japanese (3cr) JPN 3202
JPN 4414 Advanced Japanese C: Reading & Writing (3 cr) JPN 3202
JPN 4930r Special Topics (3cr) Permission
Major Courses in Japanese Culture and Literature
JPT 3122r Modern Japanese Literature in Translation (3cr)  
JPT 3391r Japanese Film and Culture (3cr)  
JPT 3510 Japanese Economy and Environment (3cr)  
JPT 3511 Japanese Popular Culture (3cr)  
JPT 4020r Japanese Calligraphy (1cr) JPN 1120
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