Linguistics minor

Linguistics is the study of the nature of language. It can explore the study of a native or foreign language.There are linguistic applications in many disciplines such fields as speech and hearing sciences, English, communication, psychology, computer science, and anthropology.

A person who pursues a career in Linguistics can apply for jobs such as a Computational linguist in the tech industry, Translator, Foreign Language Teacher, Linguistics professor, Technical Writer, Lexicographer, Forensic Linguist just to name a few.

The minor requires at least 12 hours from the following Linguistics courses; two of these must be core courses: LIN 3041, LIN 4030, LIN 4040, LIN 4512 or LIN 4905.

Other courses: ANT 4640, LIN 3010, LIN 3710, LIN 4930, LIN 5772, EXP 4640, PHI 3220.

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