Minor in Portuguese

A minor in Portuguese is offered by the department. The minor requires twelve semester hours beyond POR 1121. No course taken for the language requirement may be counted for the minor. Please contact the Undergraduate Office at 644-2606 And/or the Spanish and Portuguese coordinator, Dr. Brenda Cappuccio, for further information. (bcappuccio@fsu.edu).

Sample Courses For Portuguese Minor:
  • POR 2220 Intermediate Portuguese (4cr)
  • POR 3140 Portuguese for Advanced Students Spanish I (3cr)
  • POR 3141 Portuguese for Advanced Students Spanish II (3cr)
  • POR 4905r Directed Individual Study (3cr)
  • POR 4930r Special Topics (3cr)
  • PRT 3391r Brazilian Lit & Film in Translation (3cr)
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