Major in Russian


The Russian Major Programs

Russian: Thirty (30) semester hours numbered above 2220 are required, including RUS2330, 3400, 3420 and at least twelve (12) semester hours of RUS/RUW course work at the 4000 level or above. Three (3) semester hours at the 4000 level must be in Russian literature. A maximum of six (6) semester hours from among the following course work may count toward the thirty (30) semester hour requirement: RUT 3110, 3504; LIN 3041, 4040; SLL 3500 and 3510. FOL 3930r may also be counted toward the major and minor in Russian. Russian majors are encouraged to study in Russia (See the Study Abroad Program).Credits earned in study abroad programs are readily transferable to FloridaState.

Honors in the Major

Students are encouraged to graduate with honors where possible. Requirements include a3.2 grade point average for entrance into the program, completion of six hours of honors research, and the writing of an honors thesis. Call 644-1841 for theFSU Honors Program. Information on the Slavic Honor Society, Dobro Slovo, maybe obtained from the Department.

Co-Major in Another Foreign Language

Twenty-one (21) semester hours in RUS, RUT, RUW, or SLL courses numbered above 1999,selected in consultation with the Russian advisor, plus twenty-one (21)semester hours above the 1999 level in one of the following divisions: French,German, Italian, Linguistics, or Spanish. The student should consult with the advisor of the second language to select appropriate courses. If a second year course is used to satisfy the College or University language requirement, it cannot be used for the co-major.

A minor is not required with a co-major degree.

Major in Russian with a Concentration in Business

Twenty-one(21) semester hours in RUS, RUT, RUW, or SLL courses beyond RUS 2200, selected in consultation with the major/minor advisor, plus a total of twenty-seven (27)hours in the business component are required.

Required Core Courses (all five must be taken)

ECO 2013 Economics of the National Economy
ECO 2023 Economics of the Price System
ACG 2021 Intro to Financial Accounting
ACG 2071

Intro to Managerial Accounting

(Prerequisite: ACG 2021 with a grade of C- or better)

MAN 3600

Multinational Business Operations

(Prerequisites: ECO 2013, ECO 2023)

Plus one of the following specialized tracks:


FIN 3403

Financial Management of the Firm

(Prerequisites: ECO 2023, ACG 2021)

FIN 3244

Financial Markets, Institutions, and International Finance

(Prerequisites: ECO 2013, ACG 2021)

FIN 4604

Multinational Finance Management

(Prerequisites: FIN 3403, FIN 3244)

PlusMAN 4605 or MAN 4631 or an advancedFinance course.


MAR 3023

Basic Marketing Concepts

(Prerequisites: ECO 2023, and one behavioral science)

*MAR 4156

Multinational Marketing

(Prerequisites: MAR 3023, MAN 3600)

Plus two of the following: MAN 4605or MAN 4631or an advanced Marketing course (3000-4000 level).


MAN 3240 Organizational Behaviors
*MAN 4605

Cross-Cultural Management

(Prerequisite: MAN 3109)

*MAN 4631

International Strategic Management

(Prerequisites: ECO 2013, ECO 2023, MAN 3600)

Plus one additional advanced management course (3000-4000) level.

Total business component: 27 hours

Note:Starred (*) courses are generally closed to non-business majors. These courses must be added through 364 Diffenbaugh.

Teacher Certification

For teacher certification of language in the state of Florida, students are NOT required to complete education courses, just your Russian major (plus minor if required) through the College of Arts and Sciences. You can then qualify for a Temporary Florida Educator's Certificate. While teaching, you can learn the professional educational competencies to qualify for a Professional Florida Educator's Certificate. See complete information at the Department of Education website:

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