Courses for Fall 2022


LIN 5744: Language Learning and Instruction The overall goal of this course is to give all incoming language instructors in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics an overview of the basics of language, the major processes of language acquisition, and the principles underlying communicative approaches to second language instruction (as informed by research and theory in second language acquisition). (Leeser)

SPN 5795: Spanish Phonology This course presents an overview of the articulation, acoustics and transcription of Spanish sounds, compares sound patterns across Spanish dialects, and analyzes them using recent phonological theories, including Generative phonology, Autosegmental phonology, and Optimality Theory. (Minimum requirement for the MA exam in Phonology) (González)

SPN 5734: Spanish Sociolinguistics This course is an introduction to sociolinguistics, with a special emphasis on Spanish in Spain, Latin America and the United States. Topics include sociolinguistic theory and methodology, linguistic attitudes, phonological variation, syntactic and morphosyntactic variation, the relationship between language and social factors (e.g., social class, gender, and ethnic identity), language variation and change, and bilingualism and language contact. (Minimum requirement for the MA exam in Sociolinguistics) (Muntendam)

LIN 5510: Transformational Grammar/Introduction to Syntax This course is an introduction to syntax, that is, the study of the structure of sentences. In this course, we will approach syntax from the perspective of generative/transformational grammar and we will focus on the concepts and principles which have been of central significance in the recent development of syntactic theory, such as Phrase Structure, θ-Theory, Case Theory, Movement, Locality, Binding Theory and Control Theory. (Reglero) 



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