Courses for Spring 2022

LIN 5045. Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics. This course provides an understanding of the organization of language, provides tools and techniques for describing language data, and examines various models of linguistic description. This course is cross-listed with LIN 4040. (Dr. Muntendam)

LIN 5522. Advanced Spanish Syntax. This course provides an overview of Spanish syntax from a Minimalist perspective (Chomsky 1995, and subsequent work). In class, we will focus on the left periphery of the Spanish clause, with in-depth discussion of syntactic issues such as the subject position, topic, focus, wh-movement and inversion. (Dr. Reglero)

LIN 5932. Topics in Linguistics: Quantitative Research Methods in Language. The purpose of this course is to introduce graduate students to specific research methodologies and statistical procedures used in quantitative experimental second language acquisition (SLA) research. Although we will be dealing with research and data specific to SLA, this course will provide all students with the means to critically evaluate quantitative research in any area language studies and will provide advanced M.A. and Ph.D. students with the basic tools to carry out their own data-based research (Dr. Leeser)

LIN 5932. Topics in Linguistics: Child Language Acquisition. This course offers an introduction to the study of child language acquisition and development in both the monolingual and bilingual setting. The goal of the course is to better understand the linguistic, psycholinguistic, sociolinguistic, and neuro-linguistic dimensions of language acquisition. This course is cross-listed with LIN 4716. (Dr. Sunderman).

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