Welcome to the Linguistics research section in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics. On this page you will find information about our lab facilities, lab meetings, research opportunities, call for participants, and resources.

Lab facilities

The lab facilities are available to all faculty and graduate students who are working on linguistic projects. There are several labs within the department:

  • Language Processing and Eye-tracking lab (Dr. Antje Muntendam and Dr. Zhiying Qian)
  • Phonetics lab (Dr. Carolina González)
  • Psycholinguistics lab (Dr. Gretchen Sunderman)
  • Second Language Acquisition lab (Dr. Michael Leeser)

The equipment in our labs includes two eye-tracking systems (an Eye-Link 1000 Plus eye-tracker, and an EyeLink Portable Duo system), equipment for high-quality audio recordings and several computer stations for data collection and data analysis.

Check the ‘research opportunities’ section for the list of opportunities available to students and research assistants. For more information, contact the faculty.

Lab Meetings

We have biweekly lab meetings where faculty and students present and discuss their research. For more information, contact Dr. Antje Muntendam (


There are several internal and external funding opportunities for research. The Winthrop-King Institute offers funding opportunities for students to conduct research abroad and present their work at conferences. For more information, see: Other funding opportunities are available through the Congress of Graduate Students ( and the Graduate School (

In addition, several of our students have received external funding for their research. Every year the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics offers a graduate student workshop on applying for grants and fellowships.


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