Undergraduate Programs in Spanish and Portuguese

Why Study Spanish?

In addition to the academic, cognitive, and social benefits to learning another language, there are unique benefits to learning Spanish. For example, consider the following facts:

  • Spanish is the official language of 21 countries, and there are more than 400 million native speakers of Spanish, more than any other language in the world except for Mandarin Chinese.
  • Spanish has never been a “foreign language” in the United States. In fact, in the present day states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and FLORIDA, Spanish was spoken for nearly a century before the first English-speaking settlers arrived in Virginia and Massachusetts.
  • The United States has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world (after Mexico and ahead of Spain, Colombia, and Argentina).

Spanish Major Requirements

Thirty semester hours, distributed in the following manner, are required: fifteen semester hours of 3000-level courses including SPN 3300, SPN 3400; one 3000-level Hispanic cultures course (SPN 3510, SPN 3520, or SPT 3503); one SPW 3000-level literature course; a departmental linguistics course (usually LIN 3041). Required at 4000 level are fifteen semester hours in SPN or SPW courses, including at least one senior seminar (SPN 4540, SPN 4930, SPW 4930, or SPN 4700). A maximum of two SPT courses can count for major credit. Heritage speakers must take SPN 3350 plus one additional 3000- or 4000-level SPW or SPN course (excluding 3400) instead of required SPN 3300 or SPN 3400.

Other major options include:

- Spanish with a concentration in business 

- a Spanish co-major with another language (French, German, Italian, or Russian)  


Spanish: The minor requires fifteen semester hours numbered above 2220 including three hours in Spanish literature (SPW). Only one SPT course can count for the minor. Credit extended in meeting the foreign language requirement for graduation may not be used in satisfying the minor.

PortugueseThe minor consists of 12 hours in Portuguese above 1999. Credit extended in meeting the foreign language requirement may not be used in satisfying the minor.

Linguistics: Linguistics: Linguistics is the study of the nature of language. There are linguistic applications in many disciplines. The minor requires at least 12 hours of linguistics courses; two of these must be core courses, which are LIN 3041, LIN 3042, LIN 3040, LIN 4040, LIN 4201, LIN 4512, LIN 4600, LIN 4623, LIN 4716, LIN 4930r, or LIN 4905r. If LIN 3041 is used for the Spanish major, it cannot be used for the linguistics minor.

    •    SPN 1120* Elementary Spanish I (4cr)
    •    SPN 1121* Elementary Spanish II (4cr)
    •    SPN 2160r Spanish for Careers (4cr)
    •    SPN 2220* Intermediate Spanish (4cr)
    •    SPN 2240 Intermediate Spanish II (3cr)
    •    SPN 2340 Basic Spanish for Heritage Speakers (3cr)
    •    SPN 3300 Spanish Grammar & Composition (3cr)
    •    SPN 3350 Spanish for Heritage Speakers (3cr)
    •    SPN 3400* Spanish Reading & Conversation (3cr)
    •    SPN 3440 Language & Culture in Business (3cr)
    •    SPN 4036 Spanish for Medical Interpreting (3cr)
    •    SPN 4420 Advanced Spanish Composition & Translation (3cr)
    •    SPN 4440 Business Writing in Spanish (3cr)

    •    SPN 4540r Regional Cultural Studies (3cr)

    •    LIN 3041 Introduction to linguistics (3cr) (Taught in English)
    •    SPN 4700 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (3cr)
    •    SPN 4701 Spanish Second Language Acquisition (3cr)
    •    SPN 4740 Hispanic Sociolinguistics (3cr)
    •    SPN 4780 Spanish Phonetics (3cr)
    •    SPN 4810 Bilingualism in the Spanish-speaking World (3cr)
    •    SPN 4840 History of the Spanish Language (3cr)
    •    SPN 4930r Studies in Hispanic Language (3cr)

    •    SPW 3030 Approaching Hispanic Lit (3cr)
    •    SPW 3103 Readings from Early Iberia (3cr)
    •    SPW 3104 Readings from Modern Spain (3cr)
    •    SPW 3132 Readings from Early Spanish Am (3cr)
    •    SPW 3493 Readings from Mod Spanish Am (3cr)
    •    SPW 4140r The Poetics of Hispanic Love & Violence (3cr)
    •    SPW 4150r Transatlantic Encounters (3cr)
    •    SPW 4190r Special Topics in Hispanic Lang & Lit (3cr)
    •    SPW 4301r Hispanic Culture & Performance (3cr)
    •    SPW 4481 Contemporary Spanish Women Writers (3cr)
    •    SPW 4491 SPN American Women Writers (3cr)
    •    SPW 4770 Caribbean Literature (3cr)
    •    SPW 4930r Studies in Hispanic Literature (3cr)

    •    SPT 3100 Spanish Literature in Translation (3cr)
    •    SPT 3130 SPN-Am Literature in Translation (3cr)
    •    SPT 3391r Hispanic Cinema (3cr)
    •    SPT 3503 Hispanic Cultural Analysis (3cr)

Honors In The Major

The Honors in the Major program in Spanish requires students to maintain a 3.2 grade point average, complete six hours of honors research, and write an honors thesis. For more information please contact the FSU Honor’s Office at 644-1841.

Spanish Honor Society

Sigma Delta Pi is the honor society for students of Spanish, and has had a chapter at the University since 1935. Sigma Delta Pi offers students competitive opportunities to study abroad. Students are initiated once a year. Undergraduates must have a 3.2 GPA in Spanish. Graduate students are also eligible. New members may apply in the spring term. Information about the Spanish Honor Society, Sigma Delta Pi, may be obtained from Dr. Anel Brandl; abrandl@fsu.edu.

Language Requirement

All students receiving a degree (BA or BS) in the College of Arts and Sciences must complete a classical or modern foreign language through the intermediate level. This can be demonstrated with foreign language coursework through the 2000 level or with a satisfactory score on a department approved language placement exam...

Exemption and Placement

Students who can already demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and speaking through the intermediate level (in a language other than English) may be exempt from taking foreign language coursework. Students who speak French, German or Spanish can visit the Assessment Services Test Center in University Center Bldg. C, Rm 1200 to take a placement test. For information call 644-3017. All other students, please contact the undergraduate advisor in DIF 364, MLLadvising@fsu.edu.

For those students who have initiated foreign language study prior to entering Florida State University, selection of the appropriate language course level is extremely important. For students continuing studies in a language for which they have not yet received college credit, a mandatory (no cost) placement test is required.

Note: A placement exam may not be taken by any student that has already received college credit in that language. If you have questions about language placement and have already received college credit (CLEP, AP, IB, AICE, dual enrollment or transfer credit) please consult with the undergraduate advisor in DIF 364, MLLadvising@fsu.edu.

Heritage Speakers: Heritage Speakers: see information on Spanish heritage courses and requirements here: https://modlang.fsu.edu/programs/spanish/undergraduate-program/spanish-heritage-track-florida-state-university

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