For Students

Undergraduate Advising


Undergraduate students in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics enter a premier department within the largest college here at Florida State University. Choose from a wide range of degree programs that are offered from many of our Linguistic and Language Programs. The Undergraduate Advisers strive to provide all Modern Languages and Linguistics undergraduate students with accurate information regarding academic matters in a friendly and timely manner. Academic advisers in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics are here to assist students with developing and implementing academic planning to support them in attaining their educational and professional goals.

Graduate Studies


At the highest level, graduate students at the Modern Languages and Linguistics department are setting the standards of tomorrow. Choose from a wide range of degree programs that are offered from many of our graduate Linguistic and Language Programs. We offer comprehensive and high-quality MA and PhD programs in several languages. MA programs are offered in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Slavic, and East Asian Languages and Cultures (Chinese and Japanese tracks); PhD degrees are offered in Spanish and French. Within the Spanish program, we offer concentrations (MA and PhD) in Hispanic Linguistics and Hispanic Literature and Cultural Studies. Our diverse and well-trained faculty members strive to be both renowned specialists in their field and to contribute to an intellectually stimulating interdisciplinary and cross-cultural atmosphere in the department. Faculty members are actively involved in all aspects of graduate studies, including advising, mentoring, and providing support through recommendations, nominations, and job placement assistance.

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