Co-Major Information

Co-majors allow students to study two different languages while completing one single major. Students who complete a co-major are not required to complete a minor. Students may co-major in Chinese & Japanese or may choose two languages from the following list: French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.

A co-major in Chinese & Japanese consists of (42) total semester hours, including fifteen (15) semester hours of each language numbered above 2220, plus twelve (12) semester hours of 3000-level coursework in Chinese or Japanese culture and literature (CHT and/or JPT prefixes). Of the combined thirty hours of Chinese/Japanese language coursework, at least six (6) semester hours must be taken from two 4000-level courses in one language and three (3) semester hours from a 4000-level course in the other language. Students should consult with the Chinese and Japanese advisors to select appropriate courses.

A co-major in French, German, Italian, Russian, or Spanish consists of (42) total semester hours, (21) semester hours numbered above 1999 in each of two languages selected. Students declaring a French co-major may take one single French course taught in English with written work done in English to satisfy the major requirements.

Special note: One 2000-level course in either language chosen for a co-major must be used to satisfy the Arts and Sciences foreign language requirement.

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