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Professor Brandl (Ph.D. Florida State University) is a Teaching Professor of Spanish and Linguistics, and the Assistant Director of the Spanish Basic Language Program. She is deeply interested in Spanish heritage bilingualism. Her recent work focuses on heritage language maintenance via instruction, and language acquisition and processing in Spanish heritage speakers. She developed FSU’s Spanish Heritage Track, and the new courses for heritage speakers/learners, including the Spanish for Specific Purposes courses. She is a founding and proud member of the Spanish Heritage Language Direction Network (SHLDNet).

If you think you are a heritage speaker/learner but are not sure of it, please feel free to contact me at I will be happy to assess your level of Spanish and answer any questions you may have about the Spanish Heritage Track.

Research Interests

Heritage Speaker Bilingualism 

Spanish Heritage Language Instruction

Heritage Language for Specific Purpose

Spanish Language Acquisition and Processing

Instructed Second Language Acquisition

Courses Taught

Teaching of Spanish as a Heritage Language

Spanish for Heritage Speakers

Second Language Instruction

Spanish Phonetics

Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

Spanish Second Language Acquisition

Spanish Reading & Conversation

Spanish Grammar and Composition

Intermediate Spanish I & II

Elementary Spanish I & II

Select Publications

  • White, J. P., Mandell, P. B., & BRANDL, A. (2022). Pandemic-motivated transformations: Comprehensible-input oriented pedagogy in beginning Spanish online-course design. In Angela George, & Rachel Friedman (Eds.), Online Language Teaching in Diverse Contexts: International Perspectives from Canada and Beyond. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Rodriguez, E., BRANDL, A., & White, J. P. (2021). Teaching Heritage Language Learners with an Interface Approach: Rethinking Current Practices. Southern Journal of Linguistics, 45(1), 76 – 117.
  • Amezcua, A., BRANDL, A., Duran, E., & Rodríguez, E. (2021). The switch to remote instruction in Spanish heritage language courses: Why social presence matters. E-JournALL, EuroAmerican Journal of Applied Linguistics and Languages.
  • Rodriguez, E., BRANDL, A., White, J. P., Montoya, A., & Bonilla, K. (2021). Linguistic inclusivity with Spanish heritage learners: Valuing student feedback. International Journal of Language Studies, 15(3), 45-64.
  • BRANDL, A. (2020). Multilingual is normal. In Cate Hamilton (Ed.), An Anthology of Voices, talking about Talking. Oxford, England.
  • BRANDL, A., González, C., & Bustin, A. (2020). The development of intonation in L2 Spanish: A perceptual study. In Alfonso Morales-Front (Ed.), Hispanic Linguistics Symposium 2016. Amsterdam and New York: John Benjamins.
  • BRANDL, A., & Rodríguez, E. (2020). Spanish for the professions: A proposal for an early start that includes heritage speakers. Hispania 103(1), 21-26.
  • Rodríguez, E., & BRANDL, A. (2019). Knowledge of tense, aspect, and mood in heritage language speakers: The case of hybrid Spanish for business courses. In Florida Linguistics Papers, Proceedings of the Florida Yearly Linguistics Meeting (Eds.), vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 64-75. Open Journal Systems, University of Florida.
  • Bailey, A. A., & BRANDL, A. (2014). Starting with stops: Instruction on /p, t, k/ in the first-year Spanish classroom. IGNITE: CASPSLaP.
  • Bailey, A. A. & BRANDL, A. (2013). Incorporating pronunciation in the first-year Spanish classroom: An early Intervention. In J. Levis & K. LeVelle (Eds.). Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching Conference Proceedings. Aug. 2012. (pp. 207-223). Ames, IA: Iowa State University.
  • BRANDL, A. (2013). Processing Strategies in Early Second Language Sentence Processing: A Cross Linguistic Study. Doctoral dissertation, Florida State University.

Digital Projects

FSU Spanish Heritage Track

Interview with Dr. Anel Brandl by Maria Villalobos

Dr. Anel Brandl, Teaching Professor of Spanish and Linguistics has recently developed a track within the Spanish program specially designed for heritage speakers. The track debuted in 2019 and currently has four sections. Dr. Brandl sat down with us to talk to us about the new track in detail.

Read the interview here: