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    We prepare our students for success in a diverse and globalized world. Whether your interests include international business or linguistic and cultural enrichment, federal and foreign service, non-governmental work.

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    Arabic • Chinese • EALC • French • German • Hebrew • Hispanic Linguistics • Italian • Japanese • Linguistics • Portuguese • Slavic (Russian) • Spanish 

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    Professional linguists work in several fields such as teaching (Linguistics, speech, English, world languages), translation/interpretation, voice or speech recognition software development, literacy programming, curriculum development, data analysis, and U.S. intelligence or foreign service.

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New majors in Linguistics in Fall 2021

 We are excited to announce our new BA and BS programs in Linguistics (starting in Fall 2021). The linguistics degree will consist of 18 credit hours in required core courses (corresponding to six courses) and 12 credit hours in electives. The electives allow students to choose between two different majors in linguistics: (i) a General Linguistics major and (ii) a Linguistics and Languages major. Students can get a B.A. or B.S. degree in either major, depending on their coursework. Please visit our website or contact the coordinator and advisor for Linguistics, Dr. Antje Muntendam (, for more information. Please visit our website.

Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics

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Undergraduate Spotlight

The College of Arts and Sciences hosted a Celebration of Philanthropy to thank donors and friends of the college for their generous gifts. This year’s event highlighted some of the undergraduate research that is taking place across the College. Simon Prado, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Culture with an additional major in Russian and a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs with an additional major in Political Science, Spring 2020 and Shaimaa Khanam, who is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Editing, Writing, and Media and a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs, Spring 2019 represented their disciplines with their work on “Change and Continuity of the Masculine Ideal in the Byzantine and Slavic Epic.” Simon and Shaimaa’s research, conducted under the mentorship of Prof. Robert Romanchuk of Modern Languages and Linguistics, is forthcoming in the online UC Undergraduate Journal of Slavic and East/Central European Studies.