Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate students in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics enter a premier department within the largest college here at Florida State University. Choose from a wide range of degree programs that are offered from many of our Linguistic and Language Programs.

The Undergraduate Advisors strive to provide all degree-seeking Modern Languages and Linguistics undergraduate students as well as non-majors fulfilling language requirements with accurate information regarding academic matters in a friendly and timely manner.

Faculty advisors in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics are here to assist students with developing and implementing academic planning to support them in attaining their educational and professional goals.

Student Advising

Find graduation checklists by major, co-major and major with a concentration in business and contact an undergraduate advisor for help in matters like dropping or adding a class, foreign language requirements, major/minor advising, and graduation checks. 

Language Exemption and Placement

All students receiving bachelor's degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences and all other university students who receive the B.A. must complete a classical or modern foreign language through the 2000 level (2200 or the equivalent course). Find out more about college and university language requirements, placement exams, and exemptions from the requirement.


FSU's Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics offers a wide range of scholarships and other awards to support students in modern languages and linguistics. Many of these are supported by the Ada Belle Winthrop-King fund.