Carolina Gonzalez

Associate Professor

Carolina González

Contact Information

Office Location
Diffenbaugh 322
Hispanic Linguistics (MA and PhD)
Office Hours

Monday 12:30-2:30 and by appointment

Professor González (Ph.D., Linguistics, University of Southern California), Associate Professor of Spanish, specializes in phonology. She is interested in consonantal phenomena in Spanish dialects and in prosody-conditioned alternations in the Panoan language family (spoken in Peru, Bolivia and Brazil). Her recent collaborative research focuses on the L2 acquisition of Spanish phonology as well as the intonational characteristics of Basque Spanish. In addition, she is currently writing a book on how to invent languages, under contract with Cambridge University Press.

Research Interests




Laboratory phonology

L2 phonological acquisition

Syntax-phonology interface

Language invention

Courses Taught

Spanish phonology

Acoustic phonetics of Spanish

Acquisition of Spanish phonology

History of the Spanish Language

Sounds of the Worlds' Languages

Patterns of Sounds

Spanish phonetics

Language Birth, Language Death

The art of language invention

Selected Publications

  • GONZÁLEZ, C. (contract). Inventing Languages: A Practical Introduction. Manuscript under contract for publication, Cambridge: CUP.
  • González, C. & Lara Reglero. In Press. Prosodic correlates of mirative and new information focus in Spanish wh-in-situ questions. In Barbara E. Bullock, Cinzia Russi & Almeida Jacqueline Toribio (eds.), A Half Century of Romance Linguistics: Selected Proceedings of the 50th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages. Berlin: Language Science Press. 265-293
  • González, C. & Lara Reglero. 2023. Intonation Correlates of Canonical and Non-canonical Wh-in-situ Questions in Spanish. Journal of Linguistics 59. 1-22.
  • González, C., Christine Weissglass & Daniel Bates. 2022. Creaky Voice and Prosodic Boundaries in Spanish: An Acoustic Study. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 15. 33-65.
  • González, C. & Lara Reglero. 2020. The intonation of yes-no questions in Spanish. In Juan J. Colomina-Almiñana & Sandro Sessarego (eds.), Language Patterns in Spanish and Beyond. Structure, Context and Development. New York: Routledge. 223-241
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  • GONZÁLEZ, C. & L. Reglero. (2020). The licensing of wh-in-situ questions: Intonational evidence from Spanish. In Hispanic Linguistics: Current issues and new directions. Edited by Alfonso Morales-Front, Michael J. Ferreira, Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz. Amsterdam & New York: John Benjamins. 54-73.
  • Brandl, A., GONZÁLEZ, C., & Bustin, A. (2020). The Development of Intonation in L2 Spanish: A Perceptual Study. In Hispanic Linguistics: Current issues and new directions. Edited by Alfonso Morales-Front, Michael J. Ferreira, Ronald P. Leow and Cristina Sanz. Amsterdam and New York: John Benjamins. 12-31.
  • Mohamed, S., GONZÁLEZ, C., & Muntendam, A. G. (2019). Arabic-Spanish language contact in Puerto Rico: A case of glottal stop epenthesis. Languages 4(93), 1-22.
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  • GONZÁLEZ, C. 2016. Tipología de los sistemas métricos de veinticinco lenguas pano. Amerindia. Revue d'Ethnolinguistique amérindienne, 39:1, 129-172.