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Dr. Christian P. Weber

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Associate Chair of Graduate Studies
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Diffenbaugh 316C
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Christian P. Weber - German program Coordinator, Graduate Advisor for the German Program. Dr. Weberis an Associate Professor of German. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Indiana at Bloomington. His research aims for a comprehensive phenomenological and critical investigation of the human imagination in its various manifestations, ranging from ancient mythologies and Judeo-Christian theology to the emergence of national ideologies and global world-views. C. Weber is also the German program’s graduate and graduate study-abroad adviser.

Weber’s monograph Die Logik der Lyrik: Goethes Phänomenologie des Geistes in Gedichten argues that Goethe’s early ‘hymns of genius’ perform as a poetic whole a thorough critique of the imagination that complements Kant’s Critique of Judgment and rivals Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit. He currently works on a sequel that examines Goethe’s later poetry on the same trajectory. Another book-length project investigates the formative powers of biopolitical metaphors (for example “grafting,” “elective affinities,” “self-generation”) as cultural life-models for the organization of national identities and institutions.

Research Interests

German Literature and Philosophy from the 18th Century to the present, with a special focus on Goethe and his age (from Enlightenment to Romanticism/Idealism)
Lyric Poetry
Aesthetic Theory
Cultural History of Nationalism
German Film

Selected Courses Taught

German Cinema: (1) Demonic Men / (2) Prostitution and Corruption / (3) National History
Made in Germany: Ideas, Inventions, and Events in Modern German Culture
Goethe’s “Faust” and the Genesis of Modern Man
The Ideas of ’68: Towards a Critique of Aesthetic Judgment and Political Action
The Magic of Lyric Poetry
The Footballization (Soccer, that is) of Europe / the Globe
Critical Theory
German Cinema
Studies in a Genre

Selected Publications


  • Die Logik der Lyrik: Goethes Phänomenologie des Geistes in Gedichten, Freiburg i.B.: Rombach Press, 2014 (486pp.)

Selected Articles:

  • Beauty and Erotic Play: Anacreontic Poetry's Transformation of Aesthetic Philosophy, in: Edgar Landgraf, Elliott Schreiber (Eds.), Play in the Age of Goethe. Theories, Narratives, and Practices of Play around 1800. Lewisburg: Bucknell University Press 2020. (Forthcoming)
  • Re-Reading Adorno's Reading of Eichendorff in the Context of 1957, in: Robin Truth Goodman (Ed.), Understanding Adorno, Understanding Modernity. New York: Bloomsbury 2020. (Forthcoming)
  • Narrating (Against) the Uncanny: Goethe's Ballade versus Hoffmann's Der Sandmann, in: Goethe Yearbook XXVI (2019), pp. 79-100.
  • In Defense of Humanism: Envisioning a Posthuman Future and Its Critique in Goethe's Faust, in: Edgar Landgraf, Gabriel Trop, & Leif Weatherby (Eds.), Posthumanism in the Age of Humanism. Late 18th- and Early 19th-Century Cognitive, Materialist, and Idealist Contentions. New York: Bloomsbury 2018, pp. 243-267.
  • Spatial Mobilization: Kleist's Strategical Masterplan of the Berliner Abendblätter and Tactics of Displacement in the Tagesbegebenheiten, in: Goethe Yearbook XXIV (2016), pp.125-153.
  • Elective Affinities / Wahlverwandtschaften: The Career of a Metaphor, in: Fact and Fiction, ed. by Christine Lehleiter, Toronto: Toronto University Press 2016, pp. 102-145.
  • Beyond the Poem: Strategies of Meta-Poetical Reflections in Goethe’s Erster Weimarer Gedichtsammlung, in: Goethe Yearbook XX (2013), 25-57.
  • Particular Universals - Universal Particulars: Biopolitical Metaphors and the Emergence of Nationalism in Europe (1650-1815), in: History of European Ideas 39.3 (2013), 426-448.
  • Phänomenologie der visuellen Einbildungskraft in Goethes Die Metamorphose der Pflanzen, in: Zwischen Sichtbarkeit und Unsichtbarkeit, ed. by Martin Kirves, Dirk Uhlmann, Jürgen Kaufmann, München: Fink 2014, pp 97-116.
  • Goethes Prometheus: Kritik der poietischen Einbildungskraft, in: Goethe Yearbook XVI (2009), 101-133.
  • Goethes Ganymed und der Sündenfall der Ästhetik, in: Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift 81.3 (2007), 317-345.