José Gomariz

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Jose Gomariz

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Diffenbaugh 335
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MW 2pm-3pm

Professor José Gomariz has published widely on Modern Spanish American Literature.

José Martí, Modernismo(s), and Cuban Studies are the main issues of a collective book of essays he has recently co-edited with Angel Esteban (U of Granada) in honor of Ivan A. Schulman. Prof. Gomariz has also edited the special annual issue Diaspora, Race and Cultural Identity in Cuba and the Caribbean for the Spanish academic journal América Sin Nombre (U of Alicante). In addition to his monograph Colonialismo e independencia cultural, Prof. Gomariz has published in major journals, including Anuario del Centro de Estudios Martianos, Caribbean Studies, Casa de las Américas, Cuban Studies, Literatura Mexicana, Revista de la Universidad de La Habana. He has been invited to present his research at universities and research centers in the United States, Europe, and Cuba.

Professor Gomariz directs doctoral dissertations on Hispanic and Cuban Studies.

Research Interests


Cuban studies

José Martí

The African Diaspora in the Americas

Courses Taught

Spanish American Modernismo(s) (SPW5287)

The African Diaspora in Cuba and the Caribbean (SPW6934)

José Martí: Democracy, Society, and Culture in the Americas (SPW6934)

The Spanish American Essay on Identity, Race, and Colonialism (SPW5365)


Authored and Edited Books

José Martí, Modernismo(s), Estudios Cubanos.

Cuba y el Caribe: diáspora, raza e identidad cultural.

Colonialismo e independencia Cultural.

Selected Articles