Michael Leeser


Michael Leeser

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Diffenbaugh 302B
Hispanic Linguistics (MA and PhD)
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on sabbatical Fall 2021

Professor Leeser (Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) is Associate Professor of Spanish, Director of the Spanish Language Program (1000 and 2000-level courses), and the Graduate Advisor for Spanish. He specializes in second language acquisition and bilingualism and regularly teaches graduate courses in these areas. In his free time, he is an avid swimmer and cyclist.

Research Interests

Input processing in second language acquisition

Sentence processing in second language learners and bilinguals

The role of instruction in second language acquisition

The development of instructional materials that are psycholinguistically motivated

Courses Taught

Introduction to Second Language Learning and Instruction

Research Methods in Applied Linguistics

Sentence Processing in Second Language Learners and Bilinguals

Issues in Instructed Second Language Acquisition

Selected Publications

  • VanPatten, B., Keating, G. D., Leeser, M. J. (in press, 2012). Missing verbal inflections as a representational problem: Evidence from on-line methodology. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism.
  • VanPatten, B., Leeser, M. J., Keating, G. D. (2012). Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish (3rd edition). New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers.
  • Leeser, M. J., VanPatten, B., Keating, G. D. (2012). Así lo veo:Gente, perspectivas, comunicación (Intermediate Spanish Textbook). New York: McGraw-Hill Publishers.
  • Leeser, M. J., Brandl, A., Weissglass C. (2011). The role of task and structure in L2 sentence processing. In K. McDonough P. Trofimovich (Eds.) Insights from psycholinguistics: Applying priming research to L2 learning and teaching. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • Leeser, M. J. (2008). Pushed output, noticing, and development of past tense morphology in content-based instruction. Canadian Modern Language Review/La Revue canadienne des langues vivantes, 65, 195-220.
  • Leeser, M. J. (2007). Learner-based factors in L2 reading comprehension and processing grammatical form: Topic familiarity and working memory. Language Learning, 57, 229-270.