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Office: 126 Diffenbaugh Building or 021 Longmire Building

Phone: (850) 645-9459

Information Regarding Deceptive Emails and Applications

For information regarding deceptive or malicious emails or applications, please visit the CoAS IT Support (CASITS) Team's website and see the NEWS ALERT heading. If you believe an issue already exists, please contact us through our email at

Technology Support for Events

A. The recommended sources for loaner items are FSU Libraries and Classroom Support.

FSU Libraries Link:
Technology Enhanced Classrooms:

If for some reason these sources are not preferred and you seek a loaner item from The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, there are a limited amount of older items available.  These items are on a first come basis.  Please request these items at least 5 business days prior to the first day needed.  A Case will be created in the FSU Customer Relationship Management (CRM) ticketing system to track the loaned item(s).  Please direct these requests to

B. The College of Arts and Sciences Information Technology Support will gladly assist with any technology support request for conferences, meetings, events, presentations, etc.  

To receive support, follow these steps:

  • Submit a technology assistance request at least 5 business days in advance*
    • NOTE: any request placed within 5 business days of the event will be placed in the general queue below all other technology requests we have received and scheduled.  This means that we may not be able to support the event.
    • * If the event is taking place in a location where technology equipment is being setup, we need to be aware of this event at least 10 business days in advance.
  • Send email TO College of Arts and Sciences IT Support (
  • Include in the SUBJECT of the email: ATTN: <Type of Event> Technology Assistance Request
  • Include in the BODY of the email:
    • Date(s) and Time(s) you would like a technician to assist
    • Location of the event (room, building, etc.)
    • Who is our primary contact for the event.  Please provide best contact method(s) - (at least FSU email)
    • What technology resources are needed (ie. projector, software list, internet/network connection, etc.)
    • What type of technology assistance is being requested (verify room equipment is functioning, setup technology equipment, full staffing for event*, etc.)
      • * Full staffing for an event will require at least 10 business days notice and possibly more - especially if the event is after our normal business operating hours, as we are required to gain approval for after-hours/weekend work.
  • NOTE: we will not accept any other method for event technology assistance except the above method (ie. no phone calls, no talking to a technician, no voicemail messages, etc.)

Already checked out the event's equipment and found an issue? Follow instructions at our main website:

CASITS - Request Support

Request Modern Languages & Linguistics Website Updates

For all forms.

  • Any questions and question options with an asterisk * are required.
  • Skip any questions without an asterisk that are not required for updating.
  • Due to current limitations on text input, prepare a Word Document before beginning a form.
    The Word document should include:
    • Information as to how the page should look. Accent marks, Indents, Bold etc.
    • What information that needs to be removed, if any.
    • Special instructions, if any, denoted in Braces {}.
  • Pictures, PDFs and other Media:
    • Prepare all media for upload ahead of time.
    • Avoid 'generic' names for the pictures and files.
    • There is a current limit to 10 additional files (not including the Word document).
  • Notes to as-help. In the attached Word document, any notes or instruction should be with in Braces {Note to as-help:... }.
  • Website Links. In the attached Word document highlight the Keyword(s) that will contain the link.

An example in the attached Word document:
For more details please visit the The Modern Languages & Linguistics Home Page.
{Note to as-help: Link the highlighted text to}

Create a News Article.

Create an FSU Calendar Event.

Add or Update a Faculty Member's Person Page (Bio Page).

Update a current MLL Web Page.

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