Dr. Matthew Goldmark wins the "Best Journal Article by a Junior Scholar" award

(Photo) Dr. Matthew Goldmark

Dr. Matthew Goldmark (Assistant Professor, Spanish) has won the prestigious Latin American Studies Association Colonial Section award for "Best Journal Article by a Junior Scholar" for his 2016 essay "Reading Habits: Catalina de Erauso and the Subjects of Early Modern Spanish Gender and Sexuality."

This is a bi-yearly competition that is open to scholars, primarily from the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, below the rank of Full Professor.

In the words of the committee representative: "This year the committee selected Goldmark's essay from a large pool of works published in the last two years, all of exceptionally high caliber. This award highlights Professor Goldmark's scholarly excellence, and confirms the quality of faculty that makes up the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics and Florida State University in general".