Dr. Matthew Mewhinney wins award for Best Article in "Early Modern Women"

Thu, 09/28/23
Dr. Matthew Mewhinney

Dr. Mewhinney's article "The Reader is Hooked: Ema Saikō’s Poems on The Tale of Gengi” received the award for the best article published in volume 17 of "Early Modern Women: An Interdisciplinary Journal," a prize administered by the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and Gender and which comes with a $1,000 stipend. According to the prize committee, "Mewhinny’s article argues that the poems written by Ema Saikō in response to the historical Genji “generat[e] a feedback loop,” both responding to and amplifying the reader’s and poet’s feelings upon encountering the medieval narrative in prose and in contemporary visual media. Moving deftly between histories of nineteenth-century Japan, contemporary critical theory, and affect studies, Mewhinney ... offers a case study for thinking about poetry as a means of both recording and generating affect in an intertextual encounter."