Dr. Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe wins Fulbright Award for Austria

Tue, 03/21/23
Dr. Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe

Dr. Tatjana Soldat-Jaffe's research centers on language and identity, the politics of language, minority languages, and translation studies. With her Fulbright Award, she will be in Graz/Austria at the Karl-Franzens-Universität's Institute for Theoretical and Applied Translation, where she will work collaboratively with international partners in educational, political, and cultural fields. With her background in linguistics and translation studies, she plans on investigating migrant inter- and intra-communication in mainstream media; specifically, the visibility of societal multilingualism, and the emergence of migration-related linguistic behavior. In her own words: "The Fulbright will allow me to work on my next project Translation as a Social Practice: Refugee Writing in Social Media while also teaching students in translation studies at Graz University. My host institute is known for its interdisciplinary approach to the study of translation from a sociocultural perspective and I'm looking forward to being part of it."