FSU is Hosting the Second International Conference on Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World (BHL)

Mon, 12/12/16

Conference Date: January 27-29, 2017. The goal of the BHL conference is to bring together researchers working on different aspects of bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone world. Hence, the BHL is dedicated to research in any area related to bilingualism, including theoretical linguistics, sociolinguistics, language contact, second language and bilingual acquisition, heritage languages, communication, education, and psycholinguistics. By bringing together researchers from different perspectives we are able to share new insights regarding methodology and get a better understanding of bilingualism. The invited speakers for BHL 2017 are:

  1. Teresa Bajo (University of Granada): Language activation and control in Spanish/English bilinguals and L2 learners
  2. Ana Carvalho (University of Arizona): Assessing the permeability of cognate systems in Portuguese-Spanish bilingual communities: A variationist approach
  3. Luis López (University of Illinois at Chicago): Code-switching and linguistic theory
  4. Virginia Mueller Gathercole (Florida International University): Bilingualism, semantics, words, and assessment
  5. Armin Schwegler (University of California Irvine): Population genetics (DNA) in conversation with historical linguistics: Opportunities and challenges
  6. Gretchen Sunderman (Florida State University): Understanding bilingual lexical processing

For more information about the conference and to register for this event, please visit our website: www.bhl2017.wordpress.com