MA Student and Instructor Jack Maguschak Awarded Scholarship from Italian Cultural Organization in Sarasota

Fri, 12/17/21

“In 2001, a group of people in the city of Sarasota looked to start an Italian American heritage organization, and they created SICE. SICE, or Sarasota Italian Cultural Events, organizes a rich array of events celebrating Italian culture and awards scholarships to deserving students with the hope of travelling abroad to Italy and to deepen their connections to the Bel Paese. This year, I was given the opportunity to apply for this scholarship, and I eagerly wrote of my experience with the Italian language, and why I study it. They offered me a generous scholarship and extended to me an opportunity to visit SICE at Selby Library in Sarasota to attend one of their cultural lectures. Before travelling to Sarasota, I had the pleasure of chatting to Joe and Brenda Morra, the President and First Vice-President of SICE. They were so friendly and accommodating to me, and I felt grateful that they extended an invitation to hear Dr. Crystene Keener present on Caravaggio’s and Artemisia’s Rome, a lecture on baroque art. Upon arriving, I was warmly greeted by the executive board and Dr. Keener, who were eager to find out more about me and my passion for Italy. In fact, before the lecture began, they introduced me to all their members and offered me another generous scholarship to further my studies in Italian. After the lecture, they invited me to lunch, where we practiced our Italian language skills and discussed the theme of the art lecture with Dr. Keener. They were ecstatic that I attended their event and invited me to attend a film screening in the spring. SICE is full of wonderful people who, like me, share a passion for Italy. They are doing so much in the Sarasota area to promote Italian culture and spread awareness of its rich and storied history.”  -- Jack Maguschak, Italian MA Student