"Maura Binkley" scholarship winner announcement

Mon, 01/27/20

The German program is happy to announce that German major Lauren Healey is the winner of the inaugural "Maura Binkley" scholarship. Lauren will spend the summer semester 2020 at the Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal, Germany. Lauren's selection for the scholarship is a reflection of her academic excellence, critical inquiry, ​resourcefulness, and cosmopolitan spirit—traits that she shares with the late Maura Binkley. Mr. Binkley, Maura's father, wrote about Lauren's selection: "I can see and feel Maura's beautiful smile at the news of a FSU student receiving her scholarship. We know Lauren will honor Maura's legacy with her work in Wuppertal... and beyond." Congratulations, Lauren!

The "Maura Binkley" scholarship is awarded by the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics, the German program, and the Office of National Fellowships. For more information about this scholarship, please see: https://modlang.fsu.edu/programs/german/maura-binkley-scholarship