Chinese Undergraduate Programs

The Chinese Program offers a Chinese minor and a major in three tracks: Chinese language and culture, Chinese with a concentration in business, and co-major in Chinese and Japanese. The Program strives to provide students with a thorough foundation in Chinese with a well-structured curriculum of Chinese language acquisition and cultural studies.

Chinese Major

To complete a major in Chinese language and culture, a student would need 30 hours of coursework above 2220, all with a C- or better. Students should consult with a Chinese advisor regarding major course requirements. All courses taken to fulfill the 30 hours of major coursework must be taken for a letter grade. A maximum of 9 semester hours from 3000-level courses in Chinese culture and literature may count toward the 30 semester hour requirement.

To complete a Chinese major with a concentration in business, a student would need to complete 18 hours of coursework in the Chinese language above 2220, plus a total of 27 hours in the business components (at least 12 hours of core courses and 9 hours in a specialized track; a maximum of 6 hours of CHI 3000-level courses in Business Chinese may count toward the 27 business components requirement), all with a C- or better.

To complete a co-major in Chinese and Japanese, a student would need 42 hours of coursework, including 15 hours of coursework above 2220 in each language and 12 hours of CHT/JPT 3000-level courses in culture and literature, all with a C- or better.

Chinese Minor

The Chinese minor requires twelve semester hours in Chinese courses numbered above CHI 1121. Credit extended in meeting the foreign language requirement for graduation may not be used in satisfying the minor.

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