• The Slavic Program at FSU

Slavic (Russian)

FSU's Slavic Program provides instruction in Russian and Slavic languages, culture and civilization, and literature at the undergraduate and MA levels. We offer:

  • Slavic major and minor programs with a concentration in Russian
  • co-majors in Russian and another foreign language
  • concentration in Business, or Multilingual Education/Teacher Certification

You can also earn credits at Moscow State University during the summer through FSUĀ International Programs.

We have helped our students to achieve success in diverse areas:

  • acceptance into prestigious PhD programs in Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • acceptance into prestigious MA programs in Russian and East European Studies
  • internships with the US Department of State
  • positions in the US Department of Defense Fulbright awards, Boren Scholarships, Critical Language Scholarships, Pickering Fellowships, and scholarships from the US Bureau of Intelligence and Research.
  • consulting and management positions in the private sector in Russia and the US
  • internships with human rights organizations in the states of the former USSR

There are 410 million speakers of Slavic languages worldwide - 270 million of whom speak Russian. Russian is considered a "critical language" by the US Government. The growth of the European Union and NATO are bringing Slavic nations into Western structures. Today, the study of Slavic languages and cultures is more important than ever.

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