Linguistics is the scientific study of language and investigates the sounds (phonetics/phonology), structures (morphology/syntax) and meaning (semantics/pragmatics) in human language. In addition, the field of linguistics explores how humans learn and process one or more languages (psycholinguistics/neurolinguistics/first and second language acquisition) and how they use language in its social context (sociolinguistics). Other subfields within linguistics include language change (historical linguistics) and computer-based approaches to linguistic phenomena (computational linguistics). 

Professional linguists work in several fields such as teaching (Linguistics, speech, English, world languages), translation/interpretation, voice or speech recognition software development, literacy programming, curriculum development, data analysis, and U.S. intelligence or foreign service, just to name a few. 

 We offer a minor and a major (BA/BS) in Linguistics and a concentration of MA and PhD in Hispanic Linguistics

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