Hispanic Linguistics (MA and PhD)

The Masters and PhD Programs in Hispanic Linguistics focus on investigating the Spanish language. It offers courses that explore different aspects of the Spanish language such as Spanish Phonetics and Phonology,Syntax, Morphology, Morphosyntax, Code-Switching, Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics, Sentence Processing, Input Processing, Psycholinguistics and Bilingualism.  A student pursuing a graduate degree in Hispanic Linguistics will be trained to examine aspects that involve several distinct linguistic processes such as language learning, retention, processing, teaching and acquisition.

Our diverse and well-trained faculty members strive to be both renowned specialists in their field and to contribute to an intellectually stimulating interdisciplinary and cross-cultural atmosphere in the department. Faculty members are actively involved in all aspects of graduate studies, including advising, mentoring, and providing support through recommendations, nominations, and job placement assistance. 

Some of the courses recently offered are:

LIN 5744 - Introduction to Language, Language Learning, and Language Instruction 

LIN 5932 - Topics in Linguistics 

LIN 5932 - Advanced Spanish Syntax

LIN 5932 - Acquisition of Heritage Languages

LIN 5932 - Research Methods

SPN 5060 - Graduate Reading Knowledge in Spanish 

SPN 5069 - Reading Knowledge Examination 

SPN 5795 - Phonology of Spanish 

SPN 5940 - Teaching Practicum 

SPN 5900 - Studies in Hispanic Language and Literature 

For more information on Graduate Programs offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics at Florida State University, download the FSU Graduate Student Handbook

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