The Linguistics Organization at Florida State University (LINGO) is a collaborative, student-centered club founded on the premise of creating a community for all aspiring linguists at Florida State. Meetings consist of social gatherings as well as lectures from the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics to educate members not only on linguistics in general but also on the research interests of our department. Collaboration between undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty is encouraged. The club hopes to expand awareness of the relevance of linguistics to the campus at large, as well as to promote the academic benefits of pursuing education in the field of linguistics. Students interested in joining LINGO can access our NoleCentral or follow us on Instagram @lingofsu for updates and information.

Isabella DiGiorgio


Isabella DiGiorgio is a third-year linguistics and languages major with minors in Spanish and Entrepreneurship She is interested in linguistic privilege and examining language as a dimension of systemic oppression.

Judah Bachmann

Vice President

Judah Bachmann is a third-year linguistics major with a minor in French. He is interested in perceptual dialectology, and the intersection of linguistics, art, and mass communication.

Dr. Antje Muntendam

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Antje Muntendam is a Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Her work focuses on bilingualism and language contact. Specifically, she is interested in cross-linguistic influence and in code-switching. She uses both sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic approaches and methods in her research, and she has worked on several language pairs, including Quechua and Spanish in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Argentina, Turkish and Dutch in the Netherlands, and Spanish and English in the United States.

Dr. Gretchen Sunderman

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Gretchen Sunderman is a Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Her work focuses on the bilingual mental lexicon. She is interested in how individuals process and produce words in a second language.