French Minor

Twelve (12) semester hours in French courses numbered above 1999 are required for the minor. However, if FRE 2220 is used to meet the foreign language requirement, it may not be counted toward the minor. A minimum grade of C- must be earned for all courses taken for the minor.

Minors are eligible for the Ada Belle Winthrop-King summer scholarships to Paris in partial fulfillment of the above-stated requirements.


At the 3000 level and above, some French courses are taught in French while others are taught in English. Depending on the language in which students write their assignments, courses taught in English may count towards Major or Minor programs as follows:

A maximum of one French course taught in English with the written work done in English may count towards the Minor. Any number of French courses taught in English with the written work done in French may count towards the Minor.

Before enrolling on French courses taught in English, students should check the course description to ensure that they can present their written work in the language of their choice and that this language meets the requirements of their Major or Minor program. Students should also obtain in advance the agreement of the course instructor concerning the language in which they will submit their work. Those who have not yet completed FRE 2220 (and preferably also FRE 3420) should be aware that they are likely to find it very challenging to do the written work in French for 3000-level courses in Literature, Culture and Civilization; they should also be aware that weak French could adversely affect their grade. This matter should be thoroughly discussed with the course instructor before the end of the drop-add period. In the case of Comparative courses taught in English bearing FOW course numbers, students wishing to take such a course for major or minor credit in French must enroll under a FRE tutorial number rather than under the FOW course number; the course undergraduate adviser will provide further information.

Courses taken to satisfy the minor may not be double counted toward Liberal studies credit.

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