Italian Undergraduate Programs

Our Italian Studies Program will give you a solid and dynamic language learning experience by fostering an inclusive and fun learning environment. The language courses we offer range from basic Italian to advanced conversation and composition. Literature and culture courses, which are taught in English and in Italian, cover all time periods and focus on a variety of topics relevant to today’s life. You will be able to learn about Dante’s Divine Comedy, the culture of the Renaissance, Italian American culture, Fascism, Italian food, Italian cinema, and the Made in Italy. Our Romance Philology course helps you connect your language learning experience to cultural features and to the study of Linguistics.


In pursuing the Italian major, or double major, or even a co-major with another modern language, you will be sure to attain excellent language competency, both in your oral and written communication. In addition, our higher-level Italian literature, culture, and philology courses, taught both in Italian and English, will help you build a solid understanding of Italian cultural heritage and contemporary social dynamics. The language and cultural proficiency that you will obtain through coursework for our major is built on particular attention to your written, oral, interpersonal, and cross-cultural communication. You will hone your analytical and critical thinking ability, skills that will be assets in any kind of job market, regardless of your future area of employment.

The Italian major requires thirty (30) semester hours numbered above ITA2220, including ITA 2240, ITA3420, ITA 3421, at least one 3000-level literature course in Italian (ITW 3100, ITW 3101) and a minimum of twelve semester hours at the 4000-level. A maximum of six semester hours from among the following course work may count toward the thirty-semester-hour requirement: ITT 3114, ITT 3430, ITT 3500, ITT 3501, ITT 3520, ITT 3523, IDS2661, IDS3330


Our Italian minor will allow you to achieve a high level of command of Italian language and culture. For the minor in Italian, you need to complete twelve (12) semester hours in courses numbered above 1999. Credit extended in meeting the foreign language requirement for graduation (ITA2220) may not be used in satisfying the minor.

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