Japanese Study Abroad

The Department of Modern Language and Linguistics has established exchange programs with Kwansei Gakuin University and Hiroshima University. These international exchanges are currently available to undergraduate students in the Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics and The College of Social Sciences and Public Policy. Priority is given to students with the following majors: Japanese Language and Culture, Japanese Language with Concentration in Business, Chinese-Japanese Co-Major, Asian Studies, and International Affairs.

Students interested in the two programs listed above must apply by the February 1 deadline for the upcoming Academic Year program. Students must be in at least their 4th semester of language classes. Both programs are offered for the full academic year (the spring term in Japan extends into mid-August).

KGU has a homestay option and a dorm option, whereas Hiroshima has only a dorm option. Hiroshima also has a very high GPA requirement, so students should keep this in mind.

Other Japan Study-Abroad Programs:

One program (Kyoto University of Foreign Studies) is offered primarily for History majors, but other majors may apply. Interested students can contact Dr. G. Kurt Piehler for more information. The duration of this program is one semester or academic year and has an intensive focus on language as well as classes offered in English.

There is also a university-wide exchange with Waseda University, and students in many majors may apply either for the academic year or for one semester. Waseda University offers a Japanese Language Program track as well as an English-based International Liberal Studies track with required Japanese language courses. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for all Waseda applicants and selection is competitive because students from various majors may apply for limited spots. Waseda University also offers a 4-week summer program that is not part of the regular exchange but is offered for transfer credit.

For more information about any of the Japan study-abroad programs, please contact the Global Exchanges at the Center for Global Engagement (globalexchanges.fsu.edu or globalexchanges@fsu.edu)

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