Graduate Program in Spanish

The Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics offers MA and PhD degrees in Spanish. Our graduate program provides students with a wide range of unique opportunities for future success, including intensive preparation in Hispanic cultural and literary studies, and Second Language Acquisition. The program is dedicated to preparing graduate students for careers in a number of fields that require advanced degrees, including academia, translation, publishing, K-12 teaching. Current seminars and courses represent a variety of faculty interests, such as Caribbean Studies, U.S. Latino studies, early Hispanic studies, Second Language Acquisition and linguistics.

To prepare students fully for their critical engagement with Hispanic literatures, cultures, and linguistics, seminars and courses expose them to a variety of theoretical approaches. Through the department's lecture and speaker series, students encounter some of the most prominent and exciting scholars in Hispanic studies.

Entering MA students are advised by the Spanish Graduate Adviser. PhD students are initially advised by the Graduate Adviser until they select their Major Professor. Students writing an MA thesis and all PhD students must have a Major Professor and a Supervisory Committee.

As part of their graduate training, teaching assistants gain experience as instructors in selected Spanish language and culture courses during their tenure at FSU. New graduate teaching assistants are required to participate in a 1-2 week orientation session on language instruction and take a graduate course in communicative language teaching during the Fall semester of their first year of graduate studies. FSU further offers outstanding graduate students the opportunity to apply for competitive fellowships that relieve them from teaching responsibilities for a full academic year. Advanced graduate students may have the opportunity to do research and teach at FSU's study abroad programs.

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