Arabic Undergraduate Programs

The Arabic program offers an Arabic studies minor primarily focused on the language. It's also a part of an interdisciplinary program for Middle Eastern Studies (MES), which includes curriculum on the history and cultures of the region.

MES Major

The participating departments (Anthropology, Classics, Economics, English, History, Modern Languages, Music, Religion and Urban and Regional Planning) offer an interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Middle Eastern Studies. Coursework includes a 15 hour language requirement in Arabic or Hebrew.

MES Minor

The Middle Eastern studies minor is concerned with the cultures of the Middle East from ancient times to the present. Utilizing the resources of a number of departments and programs, it allows the student to study the region from an interdisciplinary perspective. No more than eight semester hours of language courses may be counted toward the minor.

Arabic Minor

The minor requires twelve semester hours from Arabic language courses numbered above ARA 1121. No course taken for the minor may be used for any University language requirement. A list of approved courses may be obtained from the departmental undergraduate office, 364 DIF. A minimum grade of "C" must be earned for all courses taken for the minor (no S/U grades will apply). Directed Individual Study (DIS) hours are not applicable to the minor without prior approval from the Arabic advisor.


Zeina Schlenoff 

Director and Advisor

Zafer Lababidi

Assistant Director and Advisor

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